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Maroochydore groyne & seawall

The beaches to the south of the Maroochy River (Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Australia) had previously experienced substantial erosion.

This prompted the construction of 4 groynes (with lengths varying between 50 and 100m) and a seawall with associated nourishment works. ICM undertook the stability calculations and engineering drawings in addition to construction supervision and final certification for Maroochy Shire Council.

The groynes and seawall were all constructed using the new 2.5m3 [nominal 4 -5t] sand-filled geotextile containers developed for this project to increase the stability from the previous maximum size of 0.75m3 containers [nominal 1.5t].

Construction was staged, with the first groyne completed in November 2001 and the remaining works completed by May 2003. The works have been very successful at retaining a wide beach and provide additional recreational benefits.