Palm Beach Beach Protection strategy (PBBPS)

Despite ongoing nourishment and groyne construction over 3 decades, the central section of Palm Beach is still very vulnerable to storm erosion. Palm Beach is in the central area of Gold Coast City and despite narrow beaches, these beaches and surf attract a large number of users and supports 3 surf clubs. The Palm Beach Beach Protection Strategy (PBBPS) has been developed by GCCM & ICM for Gold Coast City Council to provide an integrated and multi-functional management strategy for these beaches. The strategy builds on the monitoring of the extensive works and nourishment since 1974.

The Palm Beach Protection Strategy Scheme of Works included:

  • Completion of boulder seawall construction
  • Initial nourishment from offshore and/or Tweed River Entrance
  • Construction of three offshore submerged reefs
  • Maintenance nourishment from Currumbin Creek

Tenders were received from 8 international organisations and the construction contract was awarded by GCCC to McQuade Marine and Soil Filters Australia. Due to differing community expectations (particularly regarding surfing), GCCC decided not to proceed with the reef portion of the works at present. The more expensive nourishment-only option is being undertaken.