Riverfront and canal front properties are usually valuable real estate protected by vertical retaining walls or sloped revetment walls.  If not properly maintained, these walls can fail rapidly causing expensive damage to property and requiring expensive repairs or total replacement.  As walls are often continuous, damage to neighbouring walls and property can also occur. 

Walls often fail due to elevated water levels and strong currents during cyclonic and / or flood conditions. 

Checking and remedial action is often quick and simple.  Repairs or replacement are not.

Warning signs include:

  • cracks in the wall
  • subsidence behind the wall
  • scour and exposure of the toe 

ICM is based on the Gold Coast and carries out numerous checks of canal and Nerang River walls as well as ocean beach front seawalls.

ICM can provide routine quotes or emergency response 24/7, if required. 

ICM can also arrange engineered emergency protection works.