Project Sheets

Marinas and Pontoons

 - Southport Yacht Club

 - Salacia Waters

 - Coomera Waters

Swing Moorings

 - Southport Yacht Club

 - Pumpkin Island

 - Paradise Point

Temporary moorings

 - Mega-Yacht temporary mooring

Engineering Hydrographic and Geotech Site Surveys

 - Maldives

 - Gold Coast Dive Structure


 - Gold Coast

Shoreline / beach stability

- Paradise Point




As you will see from our projects, we are INNOVATIVE  PROBLEM SOLVERS; we provide the best PRACTICAL COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to the client's coastal problems and projects - not more problems requiring more expensive studies over years while the problem continues and probably gets worse. [Good for the consultant but not the client.].

Our designs are always robust to allow for variability and are constructable with availble construction plant and expertise to minimise risk. We often work with marine contractors and dredge companies to achieve the best results. Knowing that they may have to construct their designs within budget makes our engineers very careful and accountable in the design process.

We also ensure that designs conform to regularatory approval requirements, if Government approvals are required. Thus, we are increasingly called on to design "soft solutions" using materials such as sand filled geotextile containers.  As a result, we have developed design and construction methods for such designs through r&d and monitoring of these structures "in the wild!"

We are also experienced with the design and setup of temporary works for Special Events in the coastal zone.

With the extensive experience and expertise of the Principal Engineer, Angus Jackson, staff and specialist associates around the world, ICM has a proven track record in the successful provision of a comprehensive range of services from feasibility studies and preliminary costing to total "turnkey" project management in specialist fields.

Coastal management strategies, planning and implementation

Design of coastal structures

  • Beach Nourishment / 5 star beaches for resorts
  • Groynes
  • Retaining & Revetment Walls
  • Dive and snorkel sites
  • Artificial fish reefs / ECO-FADS
  • Breakwaters [ low crested multifunctional reef breakwaters are a speciality - see r&d]
  • Marinas, boat ramps and moorings


Project Management and Design & Construction

Coastal process monitoring and modelling

Emergency Protection Works

Environmental (coastal) impact assessment

Coastal Structure condition surveys - seawalls, revetments, groynes, ....


Marinas & boating facilities - including special events such as boat shows

Submarine pipelines

Special Events Infrasturture for Waterfront and Beach Activities



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