ICM is recommending underwater webcams with data collection on a number of dive site and eco-beach resort projects around the world and will have a camera streaming live from under our floating office at the Southport Yacht Club marina shortly. 

Jetties, groynes and marinas definitely can provide fish havens and our site office at the SYC marina is regulary visited by bottlenose dolphin dining on the large fish population that calls the marina home.  The new webcam under our office obtains data on the fish species at the marina for ICM, students and researchers.  This data will help future marina designs to optimise environmental benefits. Recently the bream have spawned and we are monitoring the large numbers of juvenile bream sheltering under our office.

ICM is establishing a network of "Eco-FADS" (live streaming underwater webcams plus data collection) at beachfront eco-resorts worldwide to provide the long term sustainability and awareness:

View into The Blue Live Underwater Webcams

Resorts & Hotels

Oceanside resorts & hotels have the ability to drive clients to their destinations using live streaming visual imagery from our underwater web cameras on their websites, lobbies, restaurants, and high-end suites, while connecting to dive shop partners, local non-profits, educators, and the public.  Using this platform resorts & hotels create high impact marketing, generate positive PR, further corporate missions, and support corporate responsibility.

Marketing & Education

View Into The Blue partners and clients have the ability to bring the ocean, rivers, and waterways to the public, educators and students, policy makers, and researchers by utilizing the internet to provide global access to data, research, and ocean issues.  This access facilitates the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information among all interested parties.

Research & Monitoring

Researchers, universities, and agencies use our IP-based 24/7 live streaming video and data systems to monitor underwater environments continuously without human disturbance or high maintenance, allowing for more accurate and increased data with less work load and expense. Real-time internet based video and data are currently among the leading marine science research methods employed around the globe.

Surveillance & Security

With 24/7 live streaming video feeds, viewable on any web-enabled device, hatcheries, industries, agencies, and authorities have the ability to continually monitor and inspect waterways, marinas, ports of entry, facilities, and structures.  Our mission is to create a new standard for surveillance and inspection within major industries and government agencies.

Ocean Classrooms