Artificial Reefs & Breakwaters

International Coastal Management has  extensive experience and understanding of Artificial Reefs & Breakwaters has been refined over 40 years of consulting, design and project management. Our pioneering experience in the use of Artificial Reefs, from coastal protection structures to dive attractions and reef restoration habitat, allows us to deliver specialised solutions to unique coastal and marine sites.  

 Artificial Reef Capabilities:

  • Coastal Protection

  • Reef Restoration

  • Diving / Fishing / Environmental

  • Surfing

  • Multi-functional

Breakwater Capabilities:

  • Emergent

  • Semi-emergent

  • Training Walls

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View our Artificial Reef & Breakwater Projects:

NN Reef (2).JPG

Narrowneck Multi-Purpose Artificial Reef


Remote Island Breakwater

Breakwater Image (640x480).jpg

Ajman Semi-Emergent Breakwater

Gold Coast Dive Wreck.JPG

Gold Coast Dive Attraction Site Investigation


Ras Al Khaimah Dive Reef & Fish Habitat


Umm Al Quwain Fishing Harbour