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Dredging & Nourishment

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the design, supervision and management of dredging and nourishment projects internationally allows us to ensure the delivery of project objectives whilst maintaining environmental, aesthetic and social values.

Dredging Capabilities:

  • Trail suction hopper dredgers

  • Cutter suction dredger

  • Backhoes and barge-mounted excavators

  • Bed leveling

  • Fluidisation systems

  • Sand bypass / backpass systems

  • Dewatering bunds, tubes and containment systems

Nourishment Capabilities:

  • Nearshore nourishment

  • Beach nourishment

  • Dune stabilisation

  • Beach scraping

  • Reclamation

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View our Dredging and Nourishment Projects:

5. Tweed.jpg

Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project


Noosa River Dog Beach Erosion Protection Works

1. Rainbow at Palm Beach.jpg

Gold Coast Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection


Northern Gold Coast Beach Protection Works


Maldives Dredging Investigation

Banner - Beach.JPG

Beach nourishment & protection of Fairmont Hotels UAE

Some of our recent dredging and nourishment projects include:


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