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Field Investigations & Survey

Most of our coastal protection and enhancement projects require an element of field investigation and or survey. In this case we can provide on-site service to gather all the necessary data to perform our design and implementation stages.

Investigation Capabilities:

  • Hydrographic Survey (below water)

  • Topographic Survey (on land)

  • Sample collection for testing (water, soil, ect.) 

  • Environmental Investigations 

  • Condition Surveys (existing marine infrastructure) 

Digital model of coastal cliff for erosion protection by International Coastal Management

View our Field Investigation projects:

Some of our recent field investigation projects include:

Groyne profile.JPG

Elliot Heads Groyne Investigation Survey & Analysis

Snapshot 5 (24-05-2016 2-35 PM).png

Underwater Site Investigation Gold Coast Dive Attraction Reef

Nature based solutions by International Coastal Management in Dubai .jpg

Field collection and biological analysis of marine environments in UAE


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