Sand-Filled Geotextile Containers

Sand-filled Geotextile Containers (SFGCs) are an alternative to conventional materials used in coastal protection structures, such as rock and concrete, that can be:

  • a soft, user friendly and safer option for areas with high recreational usage,

  • readily filled and placed for emergency works,

  • suitable where there is limited access to rock and concrete.

International Coastal Management is a global leader in the design and application of SFGCs as coastal protection structures over the last 35 years. Our extensive experience ensures good design is achieved to maximise our Clients outcomes.

Sand-Filled Geotextile Container Capabilities:

  • Design, Monitoring & Inspection

  • Seawalls

  • Groynes  & Training Walls

  • Artificial Reefs & Breakwaters

  • Mega-Containers

Sand Filled Geotextile Containers (640x4

View our Sand-Filled Geotextile Container Projects:

Elliott Heads groyne with people.JPG

Elliot Heads Gronye


Remote Island Breakwater

20180524_100651_resized (800x600).jpg

Munna Point Groyne Field

Noosa R - megabag wall.JPG

Noosa River Dog Beach Training Wall


Maroochydore Groynes Condition Assessment