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Founded in 1989, our mission is to provide the best sustainable and innovative solutions in coastal engineering, protecting and enhancing marine environments worldwide. 

Headquartered in Queensland, Australia, and with offices in the Gold Coast, Far North Queensland, and the Caribbean, our reach is both local and international. Our team has a reputation for innovative problem-solving, adapting with technological advances over the years to ensure that each project meets client expectations.


We approach each project with a practical, environmentally conscious mindset, generating solutions that are site-specific, technically robust, practical, cost-effective, sustainable, user-friendly and safe, innovative, and integrated.

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In the span of our operation, we have been at the forefront of multifunctional coastal design and construction, globally. Our small but dedicated team has significantly contributed to research and development in the field, with over 100 technical papers presented at international conferences.


These endeavors echo our commitment to delivering cost-effective, agile solutions to a wide range of projects.


At ICM, we are eager to hear from you. We want to understand your unique coastal challenges, and offer solutions that align with your needs.


We invite you to contact us and begin a conversation.  We're sure it will lead to a solution that goes beyond your expectations.


Angus Jackson
Executive Engineer & Director

Angus has over 45 years’ experience in Local Government and Consulting.  From the early 80s to mid-90’s he was responsible for management of the Gold Coast’s extensive beach and waterway systems developing a range of innovative methods and systems that helped position Queensland’s Gold Coast as a world leader in coastal and waterway management as well as climate change adaption. Angus established ICM in the mid-90’s and has worked on projects, often innovative world firsts, in Australia and Internationally, and has authored and co-authored over 65 technical papers.


Bobbie Corbett
 Senior Principal Engineer

Bobbie has over 20 years’ experience in a broad range of coastal, estuarine and waterway projects that have included very active coastlines and more environmentally sensitive coastal zones and waterways. While structural solutions can be more traditional, many have been innovative in design, multi-functional and utilise alternate construction materials and methodologies.  Her involvement often spans the full life of a project from feasibility studies to post-construction monitoring and condition assessment. She has authored and co-authored over 35 technical papers.

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Aaron Salyer
Principal Eng. & Development

Aaron has over 15 years' experience working on a wide range of international coastal projects in Australia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, India, Maldives, Vietnam, Colombia and Costa Rica, with involvement on all levels of project delivery, including engineering design, modelling, construction and contract administration. Aaron has also written several joint papers on coastal engineering design, specifically on eco-engineering artificial reefs for coastal enhancement and coastal sustainability development.


Martin Mulcahy
Principal Coastal Engineer
BE(Hons) MIE Aust

Marty joined ICM in 2011 as a project engineer and has gained extensive experience in coastal engineering design, project management and field work, working on coastal engineering projects throughout Australia, the Asia/Pacific and the Middle East. Now based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Marty has a keen interest in the engineering design of coastal protection structures and developing best practice coastal management strategies for our beaches and communities. 


Sam King
Senior Coastal Engineer
BE(Hons) MIE Aust

Sam has over 7 years’ experience in coastal engineering as part of the ICM team of coastal specialists. He has experience in coastal, estuarine and reef projects within Australia and Internationally. With an aim to deliver environmentally sound, stakeholder focused and site-specific solutions to coastal projects, Sam’s involvement often spans the full life of the project. Sam’s focus is also on developing unique and innovative solutions for challenging coastal issues with the use of numerical modelling and cutting edge data collection and technology. He is also focused on developing multi-functional reefs and marine habitat restoration projects, including within the Great Barrier Reef.

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Zack Lindenberg
Coastal Engineer
BE(Hons) GradIE Aust

Zack is a coastal engineer who specialised in ocean engineering at the Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania. He has experience in a range of coastal engineering projects, including innovative, site-specific and eco-engineered solutions. He has assisted throughout the project life cycle, from site inspection, engineering design and approvals to practical construction supervision and project management as well as condition assessments and performance monitoring.


Learn More About Our Work

See how ICM has positively impacted the development of coastal engineering over the decades. As we continue to design for better adaptability and resilience into the future, we look for partners around the globe to address and resolve issues faced by coastal communities. 

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