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Navigating New Horizons: The Inspiring Team Behind the Re:Beach Design Comp.

Updated: Mar 27

The success of the Re:Beach Design Competition is a story of expertise, innovation, and passion. At International Coastal Management, we're proud of our team whose diverse skills and experiences have been the driving force behind this groundbreaking endeavor. Let's introduce the remarkable individuals who have made this win one to remember. 

Angus Jackson International Coastal Management

Angus Jackson:

The Visionary Leader 

Angus Jackson, our founder and executive engineer, is a veteran with over 45 years in coastal and waterway management. His pioneering work on the Gold Coast (as the city's coastal engineer through the 80's-90's) set the stage for his innovative leadership at ICM, propelling our approach to the Re Beach project with foresight and ingenuity. Leveraging the experience of his successful projects helped to bring confidence to our design approach for Oceanside, California.

Aaron Salyer International Coastal Management

Aaron Salyer:

The Surfer Engineer 

Aaron Salyer, our co-director at ICM, is leading the Re:Beach project and brought more than 16 years of international coastal engineering experience. His unique perspective as a surfer, coupled with a deep-rooted connection to California, was crucial in crafting a project that resonates with the Oceanside community. 

Bobbie Corbett International Coastal Management

Bobbie Corbett:

The Innovator in Coastal Engineering 

Senior Principal Engineer Bobbie Corbett's 20-year career has been marked by innovative solutions in coastal engineering. Her award-winning work on artificial reefs brought a critical edge to the development of the Re:Beach project's unique approach. She was also awarded the Engineers Australia "Women in Coastal Geoscience & Engineering Award" for 2023.

Sam King International Coastal Management

Sam King: The Nature-Based Solutions Expert 

Sam King's exceptional work in nature-based solutions has made him a rising star in coastal engineering. His focus on multi-functional reefs and marine habitat restoration significantly influenced the nature-based approach of the Re:Beach design. He was awarded the Engineers Australia "Kevin Stark Memorial Award for Excellence in Coastal & Ocean Engineering" for 2023 and will be featured in the upcoming US Army Corp. of Engineers "Engineering with Nature" book for 2024.

Marty International Coastal Management

Martin Mulcahy: The Rock Design Specialist 

Martin Mulcahy, known for his expertise in rock design, has been integral in reshaping rock standards for sea level rise. As a surfer, his insights were invaluable in ensuring the Re:Beach design caters to the surfing elements, blending engineering precision with the art of wave dynamics. 

Zack International Coastal Management

Zack Lindenberg: The Practical Visionary 

Zack Lindenberg's background as a surf lifesaver and coastal engineer brings a unique blend of practical and technical knowledge to the team. His experience in ocean engineering and hands-on approach were key in the technical and site-specific aspects of the project approach in consideration of public safety and beach usability. 

International Coastal Management

Our team's combined expertise in coastal engineering, passion for sustainable solutions, and personal connections to the ocean have been the cornerstone of the Re:Beach project.

This diverse blend of skills and experiences has not only driven the project to success but also embodies our commitment to innovative and environmentally responsible coastal management. 

Join us in celebrating the achievements of this talented team and stay tuned as we continue to make waves in the field of coastal engineering. 

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