The coastal zone is a wonderful but very complex place where water, land and air [wind] interact.

INTERNATIONAL COASTAL MANAGEMENT [ICM] was established by Angus Jackson in the mid 1990's to provide practical and cost effective integrated coastal management (ICM) solutions by using the best international practices tailored for the particular site conditions.   

Each site is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE.  SITE SPECIFIC and PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS are needed but many consultants plod slowly along the same track never daring to be different. This can result in slow delivery and high whole of life costs for "1 size fits all problems" standard type designs.

ICM ARE DIFFERENT! Our engineers are specialist coastal engineers with the training, knowledge and tools to provide practical solutions in this coastal zone environment.  Our staff have a track record of delivering projects from SIMPLE to INNOVATIVE WORLD FIRSTS on time and on budget using agile project management approaches backed by R&D and experience in construction.  We design each structure with constructability very much in mind.



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We have offices in Australia and United Arab Emirates. 

If you are looking for cost efficient site specific solutions by an expert team who understand the coastal environment we welcome you to cruise our web site and look forward to discussing your project with you and techniques such as agile project management to deliver a better solution at lower total project cost in shorter time.