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With a site-specific and client focused approach, our specialist marine and coastal engineers design and deliver practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions for our Client's unique coastal environment.


International Coastal Management (ICM) is a specialist coastal engineering consultancy that undertakes projects throughout Australia and Internationally, with offices in the Gold Coast, Far North Queensland and Caribbean. ICM is focused on delivering solutions that meet client objectives, taking into consideration the unique and complex coastal environment at each site. From private residents to larger organisations and governments, ICM offers affordable and expert services to deliver solutions that are: 

  • Site-Specific

  • Technically robust

  • Practical

  • Cost Effective

  • Sustainable or Eco-Engineered

  • User-friendly and safe

  • Innovative

  • Integrated


We believe that well considered planning, design and construction supervision is essential to achieving project objectives, reducing overall project cost and minimising associated risks. Our team of specialist coastal engineers provide agile and responsive project management to meet client needs.


ICM's select team of coastal engineers is led and mentored by Angus Jackson, a Coastal Engineer with over 40 years experience with design and construction in the coastal zone.

Contact us now for preliminary advice and to discuss your coastal challenge.

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Integrated Coastal Management Strategies

  • Coastal processes assessment and erosion management planning

  • Counter disaster mitigation & planning

  • Adaptation strategies for climate change

  • Emergency response and interim protection

Concept & Detailed Design

  • Design engineering drawings

  • RPEQ/NER certification

  • Safety in Design and risk assessments

  • Cost estimates

  • Technical specifications

  • Independent design review

  • Graphical Renders

Field Data Collection

  • Site inspections (including underwater inspections).

  • Engineering RTK & hydrographic survey

  • Condition survey and assessment

  • UAV monitoring & photogrammetry

  • Water quality monitoring

  • GIS management systems

Numerical Modelling

  • SBEACH - cross shore beach and dune erosion

  • STWAVE - spectral wave model

  • CMS Wave - 2D wave transformation model

  • CMS Flow - hydrodynamic model with particle tracking

  • Gencade/Genesis - shoreline change model

  • ACES - fetch generated wave conditions

  • SLOPE/W - slope stability assessment

  • SEEP/W - groundwater flow modelling

Physical Modelling

  • Basin model

  • Flume model

Implementation of Coastal Protection Works

  • Construction advice & supervision

  • Construction inspection & certification

Statutory Approvals

  • Applications

  • Stakeholder consultation

  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Code or Impact Assessment

Project Management

  • Project planning & programming

  • Project execution, tracking, communication and reporting

  • Site inspections

  • Project handover

Contract Management

  • Preparation of Contract documentation and Technical Specifications

  • Procurement planning

  • Tender evaluation

  • Contract administration


  • Condition Assessments

  • Project Auditing

  • Post-Construction Performance Monitoring

  • Climate Change Adaptation Assessment

Expert Witness / Expert Advice

  • Private and public coastal infrastructure approvals

  • Climate Change impacts and regulations

  • Insurance Assessment and "Actions of the Sea"

  • Accidents in the coastal zone

  • Marine environmental impacts

  • Construction defects for coastal infrastructure