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Nature Based Solutions

Nature-Based Solutions, or NBS, are novel approaches that harness the power of nature to resolve societal challenges like climate change and disaster risk reduction. At International Coastal Manage, we are global specialists in NBS, crafting solutions that not only improve coastal resilience, but also biodiversity, water quality, and societal well-being.

It is an overarching project approach that covers all of our areas of expertise.

Nature Based Approach:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the site through investigation 

  • Review of coastal dynamics, environmental and social interactions with the site 

  • Design for coastal protection based on mimicking natural coastal features 

  • Implement additional enhancements for improving local environment

Mangrove restoration as part of Nature based solutions by International Coastal Management

Some of our Nature Based Solution projects:

As an integrated coastal design consultant we believe that the inclusion of multifunctional uses into our projects increases the overall value and longevity of our designs.  Some of our recent NBS projects include:

  • Noosa River Oyster Ecosystem Restoration Project (QLD)

  • Gold Coast, QLD  Mangrove Revetment Stabilisation (QLD)

  • Emu Lake Floating Islands (QLD)

  • Pile enhancement for marine biodiversity (Dubai, Abudhabi UAE and Gold Coast)

  • Saltwater Creek Foreshore Plan (QLD)

  • Northern Gold Coast Beach Protection Strategy (nearshore nourishment for designed sand bars and artificial reef for coastal stabilisation) (QLD)

  • Floating reef beds for natural sludge processing (Ajman, UAE)

Nature based solutions by International Coastal Management in Dubai .jpg

Learn more about Nature Based Solutions:

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