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Remote Islands

Working with remote islands requires a unique approach that can easily be overlooked. In many cases over-designed structures that may be suitable for mainland sites are prescribed for locations with limited resources and useable land space for constructibility. 

Our experience over the last few decades on remote islands reaching from the Maldives, to The Caribbean, to the Pacific region and Private Islands in the Middles East has proven successful due to our ability to use site-specific approaches to work closely with our clients. 


Remote Island approach:

  • Review all available data and collect any additional data necessary 

  • Derive a logical understanding of island dynamics 

  • Develop a series of solutions focusing on the ability to reduce capital costs and work on short to long term maintenance approaches that best suit the clients needs 

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View our Remote Island projects:

Some of our recent remote island projects include:


Private Islands, UAE

Russell Island.jpg

Russle Island investigation and coastal protection 

Artificial reef project Caribbean.jpg

Artificial Reef Habitat, Grenada Caribbean


Paradise Cove, Fiji Coastal Protection 

Zanzibar .jpg

Zanzibar, Remote Beaches

Maldives island coastal protection by International Coastal Management.jpg

Multiple islands in the Maldives coastal protection 


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